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Breathing inspiration into leadership

The true power of leadership lies in the art of exercising it

Leadership is an abstract concept—but one with very real impact. While some are born leaders, most people develop it through their personal, professional and educational experience
Want to stand out as a leader? Like a maestro, Evolvia will help you tune the four keys to inspirational leadership to your organizational and managerial needs. Let us help you master the art of using them to orchestrate the kind of powerful and unifying performance that will set the stage for sustained growth and development.

The four keys to inspirational leadership

Motivate with passion

Engage with fairness

Lead with benevolence

Mobilize with vision

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Tailored coaching

The breath of inspiration that gives impetus to action

Looking to guide your leaders on making better use of their talents? Want to hone your own skills to make your leadership more influential and engaging? Interested in taking your coaching to the next level?
Evolvia’s tailored strategies will spark the momentum to move you and your resources toward your goals. For over 20 years, Evolvia has been breathing inspiration into leadership to create professional, people-focused environments that are powerfully effective.

Guidance for

* International Coaching Federation

Claudine Bergeron, MCC*

A vibrant passion for leadership

Claudine Bergeron is captivated by every aspect of leadership: skills development, interpersonal dynamics, management’s influence on staff, corporate values, staff motivation and accountability, team unity and more. Through attentive listening, accurate analysis and insightful interpretation, she attunes every component of an organization to its leaders, empowering it for the future.
* International Coach Federation

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