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Development and certification

Guidance for coaches

The quest for mastery is an endless prelude to learning 

What do the most seasoned and talented leaders have in common? A willingness to push the boundaries of their art. Besides hard work, they stand out for their thirst for new knowledge from recognized experts and mentors. Want to expand your private coaching repertoire? Make the most of Evolvia’s long experience in your quest for mastery by exploring new horizons and new ways of adapting your expertise.

A matter of resonance

Through your coaching, you know how to spur your clients on with new momentum. Set the tone by practising what you preach. Evolvia’s vast international network of resources can put you in contact with inspirational mentors in any sector. Draw on their expertise to bring your talents to new heights.

Coaching solutions offered

→ The fundamentals of inspirational leadership
→ Specialized individual mentoring
→ Mentoring to obtain International Coaching Federation (ICF) certification

An instrument of success

Whether to further your own development or obtain professional certification, Evolvia’s fundamentals of coaching can help you reach the next level of excellence. Master Certified Coach Claudine Bergeron will work in concert with you to compose a stimulating development program to hone your talent. Her long experience, insightful expertise, friendly approach and infectious energy are the perfect ensemble to support you in attaining your goals and inspire you to make them a resounding reality.

Coaching solutions offered

→ The fundamentals of inspirational leadership
→ Professional coaching development
→ Mentoring and coaching to obtain International Coaching Federation (ICF) certification

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